Long vowel sounds: -o-

    As is usual with long vowel sounds, most long -o- sounds are written using the "magic e".
    (See the magic e page if you're not sure about this ).
    For example: loney    coke    rodent    stove

    Underline the o-e combination in each of the following words. The first two are done for you.
    slope poker telephone dozed stolen homework stonemason

    2. But -oa- and -ow- also make the long -o- sound. -oa- is usually found in the middle of a word and a long -o- right at the end of a word is usually -ow.

    Write the correct letters in the following words:
    elb    ,    fl    t,    r    dworks,    borr    ,    c    stguard,    narr    ,    g    lscorer,    f    ming,    foll    ,    kn    

    3. Try to guess the following words which use -oa- or -ow for the long -o- sound:

    Robin Hood used a b             and             .
    I b         ed some money from my Dad.
    What a misery Sam is. He's always m        ning and gr        ning.
    In alphabetical order, l          f is after l         d
    Foll         that truck as far as the narr          bridge.
    Molly lives inland bt Sarah lives on the c                st.

    4. Now memorize the focus words and test yourself on them.

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