Long vowel sounds: -i-

    1. As is usual with long vowel sounds, most long -i- sounds are written using the "magic e".
    (See the magic e page if you're not sure about this ).
    For example fine    silent    entitled

    Underline the i-e combination in each of the following words. The first two are done for you.
    lively mice untimely deadline idle stalactite miserly
    quite bridle title write fertile decided trifle dynamite

    2. But -igh- and -y- also make the long -i- sound. You'll notice that -igh- is usually found in the middle of a word and a long -i- right at the end of a word is usually -y.

    Write the correct combination in the following words:
    repl    ,    n    tfall,    br    t,    suppl    ,    del    t,    t    t,    moonl    t,    appl    ,    terrif    ,    midn    t

    3. Try to guess the following words which use -igh- or -y for the long -i- sound:

    The pen is m             tier than the sword.
    Starboard is the r       hand side of the ship.
    The victim couldn't identi         the robber
    You need to m                the total by 3 to get the answer
    "Find something to occu         yourself with, "said Toby's Dad
    Thunder and l                ning can be very fr                tening
    I admit it was my fault. I can't de         it.

    Click here for the answers

    4. Now memorize the focus words and test yourself on them.

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