Long vowel sounds: -e-

    When you here a long -e- sound, particularly in the middle of a word, it's often spelled -ea- or -ee-, like the words here:
    cheap reason leaf
    loudspeaker steal meal
    green freezing keep
    between wheel
    sweetness proceed

    But there's no advice I can give you to help you decide which one it is!
    If you're not sure, try writing the word both ways on a scrap of paper,
    first with -ea- and then with -ee-.
    Nearly always you'll spot the one you want!

    1. In the following pairs, underline the word that you think is correct:

    breaze/breeze reach/reech betwean/between
    heating/heeting freadom/freedom breathe/breethe
    seeson/season refugea/refugee meating/meeting
    beneath/beneeth fealing/feeling indead/indeed
    succead/succeed repeat/repeet coffea/coffee

    2. Now make some more words by writing -ea- or -ee- in the gaps:

    gr    dy tr    tment fr    zing m    ning
    pl    sed bl    k t    th m    ning
    b    troot f    ture cr    ture str    t
    icecr    m agr    ment gr    se b    chboy
    Click here to check the answers

    *Don't forget that you can also spell the long -e- sound by writing -ie- and -ei-
    For example: believe   thief   ceiling   receive
    Look back at Rules 1 to revise the rule about -ie- and -ei-

    Finally, remember that you can also use the "magic e" to make a short -e- become a long -e-, as in athlete, stampede and Japanese.
    Click here for the magic e worksheet

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