Long vowel sounds: -a-

    1. The long -a- is most often written a-e for example state. Usually there is only one letter between the a and the e as in plate. But often there is more than one, as in table. It's the magic e which makes the -a- have a long sound. (Remember to have a look at the magic e page if you haven't done so already).
    Underline the a-e combination in each of the following words. The first two are done for you.
    hate cradle mate grade trace parade skate statement
    dazed disgraceful rotate displacement bracelet ladle

    2. But -ai- and -ay also make the long a sound. You'll notice that -ai- usually comes in the middle of a word and a long a right at the end of a word is always -ay.

    Write the correct combination in the following words:
    dr    n, sw    , cl    , excl    m, tr    ler, dec    , yesterd    , m    nt    n, av    lable, r    lw    .

    3. Try to guess the following words which all contain -ai-:
    He might serve you in a restaurant: w            r
    Another word for a traffic jam: t      back
    The opposite of success: f            
    This will get bigger if you keep eating too much: w            line
    They travel very, very slowly:sn            s
    Someone you know - but not very well: acqu                        ce
    They travel the oceans: s                        rs

    Now memorize the focus words and test yourself on them.

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