Even More Practice with Syllables

    1. Breaking words into syllables is such an important skill in spelling thatyou need to practise it regularly. Write all the focus words in the following grid, but break them up into syllables. The first one is done for you. If you have any double letters it's often better to place the dash between the double letters, for example ap-par-




    2. The first five focus words have been broken into syllables and each syllable has been hidden in the following wordsearch grid. Use a highlighter pen to pick them out.

    		 a t i c n s o r b r
    		 p u z y e u a p c a
    		 m p a r c v r e n t
    		 a e l s a i p l y v
    		 t s a r y s a p e e
    		 e l r p e r l y n r
    		 p r o x l y u d i s

    3. Now go back to the first grid. Underline any parts of the words that you think might be awkward to remember. Then memorize the focus words and test yourself on them.

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