Adding a suffix to words ending in -l

    With these words you needto notice whether there is one vowel ot two vowels immediately before the l.
    Look for a pattern in the following examples:
    Words ending in one vowel + l Words ending two vowels + l
    travel + ed = travelled reveal + ed = revealed
    rival + ed = rivalled school + ing = schooling
    control + ed = controlled fail + ed = failed
    fulfil + ing = fulfilling boil + ing = boiling
    parcel + ed = parcelled wheel + ed = wheeled

    The patterns are fairly obvious aren't they?

    Test you understanding of them by crossing out the wrong spellings in each of the following sentences:

    1. Biff labeled/labelled the packages, threw them on the trolley, and wheeled/wheelled them out of the room.

    2. The watchman patroled/patrolled at hourly intervals.

    3. The referee sent off the striker for fouling/foulling the goalkeeper.

    4. Marianne's fees for the modeling/modelling course totaled/totalled more than a month's salary.

    5. A loud bang signaled/signalled the start of the sailing/sailling race.

    6. Sammy controled/controlled the speed of the haulage/haullage rope using the red lever.
           Click here for the answers

    Then memorize the focus words

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