Here are the answers for worksheet Suffix6:

    Cross out the incorrect spelling in the following sentences:
    1. "I don't think Julie's very commited/committed to her school work," said her Mum. "I don't agree," said the teacher, "I feel that she's shown a great deal of commitment/committment this year."

    2. Dave submited/submitted his enrolment/enrollment form two days after the closing date.

    3. Nathan and Kim admited/admitted they had forgotten/forgoten their homework assignments.

    4. "Let's begin at the begining/beginning," said the detective.

    5. Part of the marketing/marketting manager's job involved budgeting/budgetting for the advertising schedule.

    6. Sandy regreted/regretted not ordering/orderring the very latest equipment/equippment. He had omited/omitted to consider the efficiency savings and now realized that his business could have been much more profitable/profittable.

    7. The security guard patroled/patrolled the fence, prefering/preferring to stay awake by keeping busy.

    8. Refering/referring to the boss by her Christian name was strictly forbiden/forbidden.

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