Worksheet - to double or not to double?

    We learned a very helpful pattern in the previous lesson, suffix 4A.
    Let's remind ourselves of it:
        If the base word has:
               one syllable
               one short vowel
                     the short vowels are ham, bed, lip, rot, gun)
               one consonant at the end
        You double the final consonant when you add a vowel suffix

    Now make new words by adding suffixes to the following base words. The first one has been done for you.
     hot + est  hottest  fat + ish  
     grin + ed    stop + ing  
     pot + er    gun + ed  
     sun + y    wrap + ing  
     spot + y    step + ed  
     run + ing    spot + ed  
     can + ed    bat + ing  
     fit + ing    net + ing  

    Here are some sentences. Cross out the incorrect word.
    1. "What are you grining/grinning at?" said Nigel.
    2. Sue took up jogging/joging to improve her fitness.
    3. Ali took a a jugful/juggful of orange juice into the garden.
    4. We wraped/wrapped the gift in silver paper.
    5. July was the hottest/hotest month of the year.

    Check your answers by clicking here

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