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If you're not sure about deciding on the correct ending: -er, -or and -ar, then click here for some guidance
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Here's a quiz on the endings
-er, -or and -ar

See if you can choose the correct words in the following. Click on the button alongside a word to see if you're right.

1.    operater     operator     operatar
2.    spectaculor     spectaculer     spectacular
3    reportar     reporter     reportor
4.    trespassor     trespasser     trespassar
5.    collecter     collectar     collector
6.    quizmastar     quizmastor     quizmaster
7    instructor     instructar     instructer
8.    alligater     alligatar     alligator
9.     similar     similer     similer
10.    inspecter     inspector     inspectar
11.    glassmakar     glassmaker     glassmakor
12.    accelerator     accelerater     acceleratar
13.    rectangular     rectanguler     rectangulor
14.    manufacturor     manufacturar     manufacturer
15.    musculer     musculor     muscular

USA Spelling Books
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