Word Square puzzle using just pencil and paper

    Here is a simple word game that children enjoy.

    Start with an empty grid of squares. In my example
    I've used a 6 x 6 grid but you can have as many as you like.

    You begin by writing a word along the top row. The last two
    letters of your word must be used as the first two letters of
    the next word - and so on ....
    Fill the grid in a clockwise direction, forming a spiral. Look at
    the one I've completed. I started with the word "door".

    d o o r a n
    m p l e s g
    a e c o s e
    e s d n o n
    t a e c n e
    s o m l a r

    You'll see that the words I've used are:

    Notice that you have to choose words whose last two letters
    make a possible start to a new word. So, for example, you
    couldn't use the word "thing" because there aren't any
    English words starting with "ng-".

    In my grid I got away with "second" because it was the final
    word - so I didn't need to find a word starting "nd-".

    Now draw your own grid and have a try.
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Playing word games
helps create an
interest in words
and their spellings