Shannon's Game 

    Competent spellers are good at recognizing common spelling 
    . This enables them to predict how any sound 
    might be spelt because they know that there are only a 
    limited number of options. 

    For example, if they hear an "o" sound, as in hope, they 
    will consider -oa-;   -oe-;   or -o- followed, one consonant 
    later,  by the magic e 
                boat            toe            cope 

    Shannon's game helps to develop this kind of awareness.
    It is similar to Hangman except that the letters have to
    be guessed in sequence.

    • Start by writing the first letter of a word.
    • Then put down dashes to represent the other 
    • Allow ten guesses for the next letter. If there is 
      no correct guess, put the letter in and go on to the 
    • Continue until the whole word is completed.
    • See the example in the panel on the right --------->

    Sometimes it helps to have the alphabet written out
    in front of the players.

    As players become more competent they are able to
    succeed with far fewer guesses. The game provides an
    ideal basis for parents to discuss the possible choices at 
    any particular stage.

    Click here to watch a Video of Shannon's game being played

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