You will have been told many times to proofread your work
    before handing it in to your teacher. But sometimes,
    although you have proofread very carefully, you still find
    that you haven't spotted all your mistakes.

    It might be problems with:
    • spelling - even words that you know quite well - 
      but you've made a careless mistake
    • punctuation - especially:
      • using commas instead of full stops
      • mistakes with apostrophes
    • using the wrong word, for example:
      • "there" instead of "their"
      • writing "alot" when you really mean "a lot"
        (There's no such word as "alot"!)

    Here are some tips on proof reading:

    • If possible, read your work aloud. This slows your
      reading and you're more likely to spot errors.
    • Sometimes it's impossible to read aloud - in class,
      or in an exam for example. In this case "mouth"
      the words. Move your lips as if you are
      reading aloud. To practise this try whispering
      the words to yourself at first. After you've
      tried this a few times, do it completely silently.
    • Look especially for your own "bogy words" -
      errors that you make regularly -
      those your teacher nags you about!
    • Anything you're not sure about, use a dictionary.

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      Click here for a Proofreading exercise

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