Another 50 common misspellings

    Here are 50 more words that frequently lead to spelling errors
    - and some tips to help you avoid making mistakes.
    Words Tips
    accommodate Both double cc and double mm
    amateur Notice that strange eur ending
    apparent The ending is ent
    argument argue+ment = argument (No e needed after the u)
    atheist It's ei in the middle even though it looks a bit awkward
    calendar Emphasize ar ending when memorizing this word
    cemetery There's an e after the t - not always obvious when we say it
    collectible The ending is ible (not able)
    colleague That league bit looks rather overcomplicated doesn't it?
    conscientious The two sh sounds cause problems here
    committee Double mm and double tt
    disappear The second p often gets left out
    embarrass Double rr and double ss
    equipment Don't spell it equiptment
    environment Make sure you include the second n
    exhilarated It's easy to forget the h if we say the word carelessly
    necessary Only one c but double ss needed
    friend It's ie in the middle even though it looks awkward
    finally final+ly = finally (double ll)
    government govern+ment = government (It's easy to forget the n in the middle)
    grateful Don't be tempted to write greatful!
    guarantee Notice where the u goes. Nowhere else will do
    humorous Don't put in an extra u after the first o
    immediately Emphasize the ate when memorizing this word
    jewelry There isn't an e between the l and r
    leisure Note the ei
    library Easy to spell as long as you say it clearly
    lightning There's no e in lightning
    maintenance maintenance NOT maintainance!
    medieval Don't forget the e after the i
    memento It's easy to spell if you pronounce it carefully
    millennium Double ll and double nn
    miniature Don't forget the i before the a
    misspell mis+spell = misspell. This word is often misspelled!
    noticeable Don't forget the e in the middle
    occasionally occasional+ly = occasionally
    perseverance The ending is ance not ence
    personnel One s and double nn
    piece This word obeys the i before e rule
    preferred Notice the double rr
    privilege Doesn't need a d in the ending
    questionnaire Double nn and the e at the end are where mistakes occur
    recommend One c but double mm
    receive Receive obeys the e before i rule (after c)
    reference Don't leave out the second e
    schedule It's the first three letters that sometimes cause a problem
    separate Yes. That's a letter a after the p
    twelfth Try not to forget the f
    unfortunately Don't leave out the e

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