50 common misspellings

    Here are 50 words that frequently lead to spelling errors
    - and some tips to help you avoid making mistakes.
    Words Tips
    accidentally Ending is -ally (double l)
    achieve Achieve follows the i before e rule
    acquire Don't forget the c
    bizarre The i and the double rr are the usual causes of problems
    basically The ending is -ally not just -ly
    business Emphasise the bus and i when memorizing this word
    category It's e in the middle - not obvious when we pronounce it
    changeable The middle e is needed to make the g pronounced softly
    column Don't forget the silent n on the end
    committed Double mm and double tt
    conscience The sh sound is sci
    conscious Again, the sh sound is sci
    definitely It's the ite that causes the problem here
    discipline Don't leave out the letter c
    exceed The ending is ceed (not sede)
    existence Ending is ence - not obvious when we say it
    experience Same as the previous word
    finally Final + ly = finally: double the l
    foreign One of those awkward foreign words
    foreseeable Fore as in before
    forty Don't be tempted to write fourty!
    harass Only one r but double ss
    height Height is spelled like weight even though we say them differently
    ignorance Ignorant becomes ignorance
    independent Not easy to decide on ent and ant endings. This one is ent
    indispensable Note the ending is able
    inoculate Only the one n
    intelligence The soft g has to be followed by e
    interrupt Don't forget it's double rr
    liaison Another foreign word - you just have to learn them!
    minuscule Just to confuse us it starts with minu not mini and it's sc not sk in the middle
    mischievous Note the ie in the middle and the ous ending
    occurrence Double cc and double rr
    pastime It comes from pass+time but there's only one s
    possession Double ss twice!
    referred Don't forget the double rr towards the end
    relevant Avoid the trap of writing revalent
    restaurant That au isn't obvious when we say it
    supersede Make sure the 6th letter is s. Supercede is an archaic spelling and is usually regarded as incorrect
    therefore Don't leave off the e at the end
    tongue A strange word - the spelling seems a little crazy
    until Only one l at the end
    truly True + ly = truly. No e required
    vacuum Uum rather than ume
    weird Say it as we + ird and it makes more sense

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