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    Spelling it Right is a member of
    the Gateway to Educational Materials Consortium
    sponsored by the United States Department of Education.

    Here are some links to other educational internet sites
    which you might find of interest:

    The first four are aimed at parents who teach their children full time at home.
    But they contain a number of links to resources in many subject areas
    which students in mainstream schooling will also find valuable.
    Homeschool Central.
    Homeschool Help at Sassafrass Grove.
    Anne Zeise A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling.
    Guide to Homeschooling.

    You might like to consider three other spelling sites:
    Spellzone is Shireen Shuster's online, interactive spelling course for older students
    (teenage to adult) who have spelling problems.
    Marie's Free Spelling Course: offers a free, thirty unit spelling curriculum comprising
    a weekly work plan, pre-tests, exercises, final tests and answer key. (USA)
    The Spelling Blog is Johanna Stirling's rapidly-developing site with some interesting thoughts
    about teaching spelling and a collection of free resources to download.

    Spin and Spell is a neat interactive game which covers more than 200 commonly used words.
    The site is ad-free and cost-free and requires no user ID, password, or registration.

    The remaining sites, from all over the world, offer education resources and links.
    The first click will often take you to the English language page. From there you
    can browse around to find what is available in other subjects.

    TES Teaching Resources The Times Educational Supplement site lists thousands of excellent resources for teachers of every school subject.
    The Guardian Teacher Network has a rapidly-growing list of free teaching resources for all age groups and for all major subjects.
    5-14 Online is part of the Learning and Teaching Scotland site and supports teachers involved in the 5 to 14 curriculum and in primary and early secondary education in general
    Top Educational Web Sites - Resources, ESL, Teaching, Blogs, Services, E-learning, Games, Software, Homeschool and many more
    Schoolzone- UK collection of lessons and worksheets related to the National Curriculum
    Educational-psychologist - professional advice for parents of
    children with learning difficulties - UK
    Central Education Resources - USA
    Language Sites on the Internet. R. Lederer USA
    Sites for Teachers USA. Links to nearly a thousand websites - and growing daily.
    Ultimate Guide to Spelling Resources is a useful collection of learning strategies for becoming a better speller.

    The Worksheet Library is home to over 5,000 printable K-6 worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. Small fee required for membership. USA.
    Smart Neurons - USA. Educational software for preschoolers and kids to help enhance
    pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination.
    Kid Info Resources for students, parents and teachers - USA
    The Internet TESL Journal Teaching English as a second language
    Topmarks Directory of the best UK education sites
    Language Arts for Teachers - Kimball School, Concord , New Hampshire, USA
    The School Page - USA
    Promoting literacy through text messaging is an interesting article about using mobile technology in teaching
    Free Online Spell Checker While I am somewhat suspicious of spell checkers generally (see my reservations: The Trouble with Spell Checkers), this one works reasonably well - certainly much better than Microsoft Word.
    Onlinecourses.com is a free and comprehensive resource listing details of online courses for those wishing to further their education.

    Finally, apropos of absolutely nothing remotely to do with spelling, English or anything educational, here's a link to Durham Indoor Bowling Club where you will always receive a warm welcome if you're in the Durham area of the UK