Alphabet Practice

    1. Decide on the alphabetical order of the following words.
    • try to do it in your head, without looking back at
      the alphabet
    • while making your decisions, try to break into the
      alphabet at a suitable point rather than going all
      the way back to A B ....
    • so, if you're deciding between stratosphere and
      precipitate, try to recite the alphabet from n o p q
      instead of going back to the start.
    • write the numbers 1 to 12 alongside the words
      to show the order.
    isobar         erosion         rain-gauge        stratosphere
    turbulence        seismogram        squall         monsoon
    precipitate        nimbus         isotherm         cyclone

    2. Using a scrap of paper, write the list in alphabetical
    order. Remember our tip about copying words?
    • memorize the word
    • then write the whole word without looking back
    3. Now do the same with the following words:
    ratio          formula          quadrant           square
    digit          cylinder          quadratic        rectangle
    subset        polygon            positive           concave
    Click here for the answers but don't forget to come back!

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    Click here for the answers but don't forget to come back!
    4. Finally memorize the focus words and test yourself.

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