Words starting with con- and ex-

    Luckily there are some sounds which you always spell in
    the same way. Two which you can rely upon at the
    start of words are con- and ex-. Look at the focus words
    and you will see five examples of each.

    Complete the following sentences by using con- or ex-
    to fill in the gaps:

    1. The hills seemed to ___tend for ever.

    2. The Queen ___gratulated the ___plorer on the success
    of the ___pedition.

    3. It's no ___aggeration to say that physical ___ercise
    leaves me totally ___hausted.

    4. The firemen ___tinguished the flames with ___siderable ease.

    5. We are seeking someone with ___cellent ___amination
    results, ___perience of dealing directly with ___sumers,
    and an ability to organize ___hibitions.

    6. She ___sidered the ___tra ___pense of ___tinuing
    the course for a further year an unnecessary
    ___travagance unless her parents were willing to ___tribute
    to the cost.

    7. ___centrate on syllables and you will soon become
    a ___fident speller.

    8. We hadn't realized we were in ___treme danger until the
    coastguard ___tacted us.

    Now memorize the focus words and test yourself on them

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