Reluctant Readers 

    This page isn't directly to do with spelling but anxious parents
    often write to me about their child being a "reluctant reader".
    By this they mean that he (it usually is a boy so I'll continue
    to use "he") has mastered the mechanics of reading but
    doesn't seem to derive any pleasure from it. If he does pick
    up a book it only holds his interest for a short while.

    Parents start to worry about this when the child reaches the
    age 9 to 11 and they ask me if there's anything they can do
    to encourage him to read for pleasure. I usually tell them of
    my experiences with my own children and grandchildren.

    My youngest son (he's forty now), up to the age of ten would
    dip into what you might call reference books - the Guinness
    Book of Records and the like but would rarely read for
    more than a few minutes at a time. He was an avid viewer of
    Western Films so I borrowed a copy of The Searchers from
    the public library and from that day he never looked back.
    He got hooked and read every Western that he could find,
    then progressed to adventure books of various kinds.

    Similarly, my 9 year old grandson became an enthusiastic
    reader after we bought him a Horrid Henry story. He
    quickly gobbled up every Horrid Henry from the library
    and even spent his pocket money on those that they didn't
    stock. Now he's into Horrible Histories and Simon Potter.

    What I'm trying to say is that if you can find a book that
    they enjoy, one that's within their reading capability, they
    will seek others of the same genre or by the same author.
            Here are some suggestions for parents:
  • Try to be a good role model. Children who never see their
    parents reading will not believe that reading is important.
  • Take your child to the public library regularly, helping
    them pick books for themselves but also choosing something
    for yourself.
  • Read aloud with you child, perhaps taking it in turns to
    read a paragraph each.
  • Buy books and magazines as treats. Give them book tokens
    so that they can make their own choices.

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