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Parents can help their children by:

  • encouraging them to look closely at words
    • and talking to them about words
  • encouraging them to try new words
    • tip: they won't do this if you're always criticizing
      their spelling
  • playing word games with them, such as:
  • encouraging effective memorizing strategies
  • encouraging good reading/writing posture
    • sitting up - eyes 12 to 18 inches away from the work
    • forearms making a triangle with the torso
      insist upon it (friendly nagging if necessary!)
  • encouraging spare time reading
    • pointing out interesting newspaper items
    • encouraging visits to the library
    • buying comics, magazines and books as treats
  • respecting "good mistakes" :  those which use letter
    patterns which do make the right sound, even
    though they are not right for that particular word.
    So, for "purpose":
    • "purpus" would be a good guess - like "focus"
    • "prupose" would be a less good guess
  • ensuring a dictionary is on hand for homework

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