Spelling it Right: how to become a better speller

    This advice is addressed to parents. But it should also be
    read by children and adults who are following the course
    of exercises under their own steam. There are three pages.
    It would be helpful to print them out for future reference.

    Why children need to learn to spell correctly:

    • poor spelling creates a bad impression
      • it's the first thing a reader notices
      • examiners, teachers, prospective employers,
        often place undue weight on spelling
    • anxiety about spelling inhibits a child's writing
      • especially their choice of words
    • even in these days of word processors there are
      still times when we need to write

    To improve and develop their spelling
    children must:

    • develop an interest in words
    • feel safe about trying new words
      • not just words they're sure about
    • learn about
      • the way words are built up using syllables
      • basic spelling patterns of English
      • memorizing strategies
      • the meanings of words
      • prefixes and suffixes
    • write for their own enjoyment
      • without the fear that they will be criticized
    • read for pleasure

    To view a video based on this handout click here
    Now go to Advice page 2

    To view a video based on this handout click here
    Now go to Advice page 2

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